Licensed Practical Nurse (Active License Required)   - Full Time

Licensed Practical Nurse (Active License Required)   - Part Time / Relief

Medical Receptionist - Full Time

Medical Receptionist - Part Time / Relief

Medical Assistant (Certified or Registered) - Full Time

Medical Assistant (Certified or Registered) - Part Time / Relief


Bossier Family Medicine is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Any Applications are not an employment contract or offer of employment.

Drug Screen Authorization:

All applicants are required to submit to testing to be performed for the detection of drugs and alcohol. 

Tobacco Free:

Bossier Family Medicine is a Tobacco-free workplace. Tobacco products are not allowed to be used on premises.

Physical Examination:

All applicants are subject to a physical exam prior to the acceptance or offer of employment.

Background Checks and References Verifications:

Background Checks and references are verified prior to the offering of employment.